Going Rogue

Rogue, by Julie Kagawa is the second book of the Talon saga, and it is a book I enjoyed. In Rogue we are given the viewpoints of the four main characters. Ember, her brother Dante, Garret, and Riley/Cobalt. Rogue carries on where Talon left off, with Ember itching to save Garret from what is sure to be his death for saving her from murder by St. George, the feared dragon hunters.

As the story continues, we are shown more of Talon and St. George and it is easily clear that something nefarious is going on behind the scenes. As Riley, Garret, and Ember struggle to stay one step ahead of Talon and Dante along with St. George, it seems that only one small step will cause all of their careful plans to come crashing to the ground.

Rogue would not be a teen romance without the dreaded and famed ‘love triangle,’ this time between Garret – Riley – Ember. Of course, the main character is confused and will take nearly the entire length of the series to make her decision, with some of her choices getting both of the men she cares for in precarious situations until she eventually puts them both out of their misery and makes up her mind. What makes this specific love triangle unique is the warring inside of her. Ember feels her human emotions just as strongly as she does her dragon emotions, and both feelings call out to the different boy. I still am unsure if I am team Riley or team Garret, as both men have attractive qualities about them.

For a good story and engaging character dynamics, I am giving Rogue 4 out of 5 dragons. If anything, the only improvements I would like to see surround making Ember a little less gullible.

To purchase Rogue on Amazon, please click here.


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