Shooting Star

Morning Star exceeded expectations, in fact, it blew them out of the water! It is rare that a third book in a trilogy can keep the tension going at the right pace and somehow conclude the story without entirely disappointing fans. Pierce Brown not only wrote a good finale to a trilogy, he wrote a FANTASTIC finale to the Red Rising trilogy.

In Morning Star, Darrow returns to us a broken man. Stuck in a box for months under the depraved torture of the jackal of Mars, his former ally, Darrow wants nothing more than death. His once magnificent frame is emaciated and he fears that all those he love are dead. It’s only after a stunning escape that he’s able to return, but will he return to his comrades the same man as before? Will he be able to free his people from the oppressive gold tyranny? You will have to read Morning Star to find out. What I can say is in Morning Star we learn a lot more about Darrow’s surrounding cast, such as Sevro, Mustang, and many others. While the main focus is still Darrow, we learn about those around him, and that is refreshing and builds a potential for spin-off stories in the future within the Red Rising universe.

As with the ending of any beloved trilogy, I find myself experiencing a myriad of emotions. It’s hard to believe that the book I waited what seems like an eternity for (it was really only a few months, I got in to this series late) is over. If you liked Hunger Games, you will love the Red Rising trilogy. Red Rising is everything Hunger Games offered, but more. More politics, a flawed hero, and a society that seems larger than life and near impossible to make fall. Just a warning that when you start reading this book, devote several hours to the book, because you will not want to put it down.

For a fantastic ending to the Red Rising trilogy and an amazing conclusion to Darrow’s story, I am giving Morning Star 5/5 stars for easily the best book I have read thus far in 2016.

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