Hidden No Longer

The Hidden Twin by Adi Rule is the beginning of what I believe will be a fantastic series. Our heroine is a girl, a redwing, a nothing in society, someone who should not even be alive. Whenever a human and an Other breed offspring, a human baby and redwing are the result. There has always been a rule that parents who are human and Other that have twins must drown the redwing. For our main heroine, her parents had no desire to do so. In fact, they even tried to get her marked clean as any regular human baby would be. Unfortunately, when the priest performs the test, her blood comes out black. This marks the beginning of a life of hiding, a life of being the invisible specter of her sister Jey.

For the last 18 years our heroine has hidden her existence. Unable to go to school like her sister she learns at home, ready at any moment to run upstairs to the attic in the event an unexpected visitor would come by. Not even given a name, she simply goes by redwing. As a reader, I found it hard to understand why her family would save her but not name her. After all, if her father loved her enough to keep her alive, wouldn’t he name her?

As the story progresses, our redwing begins to make friends and learns that perhaps she is not as alone as she once thought. Danger, betrayal, and acceptance is what this story is about. If you enjoy a strong heroine, the Hidden Twin is a book you should read as soon as it releases on March 22, 2016. Our heroine learns to accept and love herself, a journey that all of us have to travel at some point. As a result of great storytelling and a sense of accepting oneself, I am giving this book 5/5 stars for a great story that seems to be the beginning of a great series.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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