Future Hooked!

Future Shock by Elizabeth Briggs is a fantastic book! It was a time traveling adventure and I loved every second of it. The book centers around 5 teens chosen for an extraordinary task, to visit the future! Each member of the team has something special to add. For our main heroine Elena, her skill is eidetic memory. Adam is a science prodigy and the other members of the team each have various talents and skills.

When the teams are pushed 30 years in to the future instead of 10, they immediately know something is wrong, especially as the building they are in is long deserted. The one rule they have in the future is “Do not look in to their own future” however that rule is quickly broken and all of the teens, with the exception of Adam find that they have no future to speak of. Now the future is not only a race against time as they only have 24 hours, but also a race against the past as they struggle to change their futures.

For an engaging story that I found difficult to place down, I am giving Future Shock 5/5 stars. If you enjoy time travel and adventure you will love this book.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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