Lost and Never Found

The Dragon Round by Stephen S. Power is a book with a beautiful cover that unfortunately never delivers. The writing and plot meandered so much and ended up tripping over itself. We had one series of confrontations after another with a revenge-stricken Captain in Jeryon that had the strategic foresight of a newborn baby.

The Dragon Round is the story of Jeryon, a Captain whose crew abandons him alone in the middle of nowhere to die, committing mutiny. The only thing that drives him is revenge. When he, and the healer that was given a ‘Captain’s Chance’ somehow manage to stumble upon a nest of dragon’s eggs, he knows he finally has his vehicle for revenge against all those that wronged him.

I had a difficult time finishing this story. I almost gave up several times, in fact, it took me around 2 weeks just to finish this book. I hated the writing style. I hated how Jeryon was pretty much an evil guy that was portrayed as a victim. What he did, the people he attacked, those were not the actions of an innocent man wronged. When I first read this I was thinking I would get something akin to The Count of Monte Cristo. Unfortunately, this book cannot even tie the shoes of that masterpiece. For this book to improve, the story needs to flow better. It jumped around so much and the writing style was a confusing mix of changing perspectives and tenses. Furthermore, the way that Jeryon treats the dragon is downright dreadful, and no way to inspire loyalty. I would not recommend this book and hope that prior to releasing some of the flow and character issues can be cleaned up. I am giving this book 2/5 flames for an almost frozen solid plot with flat characters that never really have a chance to develop.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

You can purchase this book from Amazon on July 19, 2016.


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