Listen Like a Dog

Listen Like a Dog by Jeff Lazarus was an easy to read book about how studying dogs can improve your capacity for listening. Right away, I found it easy to engage with this book because I love dogs. I even found myself talking more to my friends dogs while reading this book (I was on dog-sitting duty). Hands down, if you can learn to integrate the suggestions in this book, you WILL become a better listener.

All too often, we take for granted our furry, four-legged friends. We do not understand the depth and level of attention they give us. Whenever you are around a dog, you become their whole world, and that is just how it should be with the individuals you spend time with. How many of us go in to a conversation with someone and have our phones in hand. Imagine if every time you started talking, your dog decided to tune you out? That is not to say that dogs will not have a ‘leash law’ violation at times by barking, but for the most part, a dog is going to pay attention to you completely. Humans meanwhile have not learned this skill, we are more concerned with staying up to date with the latest news that we often miss valuable queues during conversations.

If you are struggling with listening and love dogs, this is the book for you. In this book you can learn to listen with your whole body and ‘sniffing’ around to find out more information. I know that some of the most meaningful talks I have are often with my counselor and that is because while talking with her, she ‘listens’ like a dog. Her entire focus is on me, and she ‘sniffs’ around the details of what we are talking about. If you have friends or family members that do that, take a time to appreciate the attention they are giving you and try to give it back. Try to care enough that you can listen like a dog, and when you do, you will find that life is a rich tapestry of information you missed before and now your relationships will become more meaningful. As such, I am giving Listen Like a Dog 5/5 bones for a great book that is trying to teach our generation a skill that is lost in the world of cell phones and constant self-indulgence.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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2 thoughts on “Listen Like a Dog

  1. Sounds like you really “GOT” the book. Thanks so much for posting the review. Your take on it was refreshing and honest. I loved it.

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