The Unseen War

The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline, by Tabitha Caplinger, is a book focused on the unseen war between good and evil. Our main character, Zoe, is a girl who just lost her parents, and upon moving to a new town suddenly notices that everything is not what it seems in the world as her eyes are opened to an invisible war that has been raging since King David’s time. Zoe’s role as the prophesied daughter of the three may bring about the ending of this war and ultimate victory for the makers forces. First though, she has to learn to fight, and find a way to understand and accept the life that has been thrust upon her by virtue of her birthright.

My favorite part of this book was the relationship between Zoe and her Aunt Claire. The dynamic they had going back and forth was superb and reminds me a lot about my Aunt that is closer in age to me and the fun, relaxed relationship that we have. Another great relationship in the book was Maggie and Zoe. Zoe literally saves Maggie from attack by dark forces and they start a great friendship. The only thing I found hard in Maggie and Zoe’s friendship was it started too fast. I feel as if it was way too easy for our main character to become a heroine. I found this was also true of Zoe’s relationship with Daniel where they went from school acquaintance to dating in all of 3.2 seconds. Again, nothing wrong with that relationship, I just would have appreciated more development of it rather than rushing to the destination.

As for the rest of the book, I found myself at times uncomfortable with the take on Biblical past that is not supported in the scripture and the odd ‘relationship?’ between Claire and the guardian angel Michael. Again, perhaps it is due to my  Christian foundation, but I find the idea of a romantic relationship between a human and an angel quite uncomfortable. Not that this book featured that, but it alluded to interest on both parts.

I am giving The Chronicle of the Three: Bloodline 3/5 stars for a decent idea that perhaps was not my personal style. The author did write well, even if I felt that the plot moved from A to Z too fast. If you like reading books on Spiritual warfare presented in the form of a Christian fantasy, you may enjoy this book.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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