The Princess Spy

The Princess Spy by Melanie Dickerson is another wonderful entry into the land of Hagenheim, and the fifth book in the Fairy Tales series. We see our favorites from the following two books, Valten and Gisela, as well as Gabe and Sophie. This time the story is all about Margaretha, the younger sister of Valten and Gabe and a girl I found so easy to relate to. Margaretha for her whole life has been self-conscious about what people say about her. Due to her always wandering from one topic to another, she has a reputation as a girl who says too much.

With her younger sisters approaching the time for them to be married, Margaretha knows that soon she must choose a suitor to marry. She thought it would be Lord Claybrook, that is until she met the mysterious Colin and at his behest, overheard a dangerous plot to undermine life as she knows it. Unfortunately, knowing and planning a successful escape are two different matters entirely. When Margaretha finally does escape the castle she will need to keep all her whits about her to warn her father of the danger before it is too late.

The story of Margaretha is something I can relate to because I too feel as if others perceive me as too loud, or other. It is hard to always stand out when you sometimes so desperately want to fit in. For Margaretha, she wants true love and God at the center, will she be able to find someone that loves her for who she is? Someone who wants her, not to change her?  That is the journey of this book, the gradual, if sometimes disjointed love story.

What I love about The Princess Spy is the ease with which it can be read and the clean romance. In this book, younger readers can read through and not have to worry about coming across an inappropriate scene. Additionally, while there are ‘bad guys’ they are hardly the big bad nasty individuals you would expect. If anything, my only issue with the bad guys is just how amazing they seem to be at everything, somehow managing to capture her alone in the forest by sheer happenstance. But then again, that is indicative of a few other Melanie Dickerson books as well. It seems to be the style to rescue not just damsel’s in distress, but to have a situation so dire that the rescue of the knight, is so daring and brave that you can think of naught else.

Margaretha as a character, twisted this expectation of a damsel in distress right back on its head with her fiery nature and fearless attitude and for once it was nice to see a lady that knew how to help others and frequently asked for help from God in prayer. If you enjoy Christian Fiction and fairy tales, this is the book for you. I am giving this book 4/5 stars for a story that would have been a little better without a certain event near the end of the book.

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