Withering Rose

Withering Rose, the second book in the Once Upon a Curse Series by Kaitlyn Davis was a unique twist on the classic beauty and the beast tale. Imagine a world where humans have magic, many different kinds of magic. Unfortunately, all magic comes at a price…a curse so to say and magic can only be held by one member of the family at a time, passing on only with the death of the previous wielder. This is the world that Omorose has been in her whole life. A world that understands magic and knows that all who wield it pay a price.

Unfortunately, one day, her entire world crumbles as an earthquakes shatters her world, forever merging her two worlds that could not be more opposite. With magic being introduced to Earth, electronics go awry, and as such the humans of Earth begin hunting and killing magic users with wild abandon in a bid to reclaim their cities, stop the chaotic effects magic is having on their world, and restore electricity. It is in this place that Omorose awakens along with her father, unable to understand anyone, they are locked up for a year and all this time she has to hide the magic building inside her, the magic that was granted to her after her mothers death. Each day, hiding and concealing herself becomes harder, until one day when all hope is believed lost as another magic user perishes, Omorose runs off in the woods, willing to brave it all, even the beast known to reside there for a chance to use her magic and stop hiding herself.

What follows is a wonderful rendition of Beauty and the Beast with a fresh retelling that kept me guessing the entire way. I cannot say enough about the unique story idea. I loved the introduction of a dystopian world and the relationship between Omorose and Cole. If you enjoy modern day retellings of fairy tales a la Once Upon a Time you will love this book. I am giving it 5/5 roses for an engaging and unique plot that kept me hooked the whole way. I can hardly wait for book 3! Best of all, it is a clean retelling and safe for teenagers that enjoy this sort of story retelling as well!

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

To purchase this book from Amazon, please click here.


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