Age of Myth

If I could give Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan an infinite number of stars, I would. 5 stars is not nearly high enough to capture the brilliance with which this story was crafted. Sullivan is a master at his art, creating a literary world so deep and immersive that I had a hard time thinking of anything but getting back to reading this book. I completed Age of Myth in 1 day and I only wish that there was already a sequel ready for release.

Age of Myth is the first book in the Legends of the First series, which is set before the Riyria Revelations series. It is the story of Fhrey and Rhune (humans), two races that could not be farther apart. One race rules as gods, the other wallows in a small corner of the world where naught can grow and their people slowly starve. All of this began to change one day when two paltry Rhune, father and son, dared to hope for more, dared to step foot on land outside what the ‘god-like’ Fhrey had granted them. Unfortunately, the father is slain and as it seems like the son will go as well, salvation is granted in the form of a rock and Raithe makes the fateful slice that will forever change his life and those around him.

As tales spread to villages far and wide, destruction follows, and we are introduced to Persephone, a former chieftain’s wife, as well as Suri, a young seer, and Arion, one of the Fhrey. What Sullivan does best is create believable characters that are easy to engage with. Right away I was drawn most to Persephone’s story and plight as she works to save her people from threats. She is a strong woman that never backs down, and one of the greatest part of Age of Myth is her progression as she begins to accept and understand her identity.

I could continue waxing eloquently about this book, about Suri and Arion, but that would take away from the story. You should definitely purchase this book as soon as it comes out on June 28, it is assuredly 5/5 stars, heck maybe even 10/5 stars for such an engaging story and richly vivid character story.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

To purchase this book from Amazon on June 28, please click here.


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