Cara’s Twelve

Cara’s Twelve, by Chantel Seabrook is like the Bachelorette on steroids and has a similar plot to the Selection Series by Kiera Cass, except we are exchanging a guy for a girl, it is set in medieval times as opposed to a dystopian future, and it’s not really a lottery process as much as each subordinate kingdom gets a representative. Also, this is quite a bit more graphic in terms of both violence and explicit encounters. This is not a book that is appropriate for teens to read.

Cara’s Twelve is about Cara, a girl that suddenly finds herself thrust in to the role of heir to the throne due to her cousin being infertile. Her first job? To tour the 12 kingdoms and choose a husband from one of the twelve men pledged to her. Unfortunately, danger is rife in the air as it seems all around Cara a war is raging. Will she find the man of her dreams and ascend to the throne as Queen or will she be swept away in the strife to come?

I have to say, that for all that I wanted to like this book, I was unfortunately disappointed. I noticed numerous grammatical errors and also felt that the ending was rushed. This could have easily been a multiple book series, but instead it rushed to completion. I also felt that Cara was much too confused for the majority of the book and then in the last 2 seconds, suddenly she knows and then bam, the book ends so abruptly I almost broke my nose on the door slamming shut. Perhaps I enjoy a wrapped up story too much, if the author would go back over this and fix the spelling errors along with adding more length, I think this book would be fantastic, without it, I am only able to give Cara’s Twelve 3/5 suitors for a book that left me wanting so much more.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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