Becoming a Fairy

Kaleidoscope, by Mindy Hayes is the first book in the Faylinn series. Kaleidoscope is the story of Calliope, a girl who has always felt a certain tug pulling her in to nature. When she was younger, she thought it was normal, it was only as she grew that she realized that she was different. All her life, her father has told her to stay out of the woods, in fact as she begins to hear things, he talks about building a fence. It is this fence that finally pushes Calliope over the edge and in to the woods. Nature is the only place Calliope can go that makes the tug subside. It is during this journey that Calliope meets Kai and Declan, realizing that her world as she knew it was false.

Calliope’s greatest struggle used to be hiding her growing attraction for her best friend, Cameron. Now she struggles with finding out that she is part fairy and will soon be growing pointy ears and wings! With senior year to finish, Callie is not happy with this new development and desires even less to go off to the fairy capital. All in all, this was a fairly good story, of course it had a sort of teen love triangle plus one as Callie had 2-3 guys vying for her attention and affections. I would give this book 4/5 stars for a good concept that made for an enjoyable journey in to the beginning of the Faylinn series.

To purchase this book from Amazon (where it is currently free), please click here.


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