Kidnapped King

TLDR: Teen Kidnapped from Earth and set as King of Kalymbria brings over cool new inventions and starts to change the status quo.

The Summoned King by Dave Neuendorf is the first book in the Kalymbrian Chronicles. This series is the story of James Madison Young a high school senior from Indiana who one day finds himself sucked into an alternate world where he is King with no way to ever return back to Earth. To top that off the same day he arrives in Kalymbria, he also learns that he is to be married to, Julia, someone he has never met. With a kingdom that is controlled in the vice grip of the Council of Advisors, whose greed has led to the suffering of the populace, will King Jim ever be able to make a difference?

There were things I liked about this story and things I did not like about this story. I really enjoyed the fresh perspective of the story. I think it had some unique elements to it. Unfortunately, I found some of the storyline progression a little confusing and too convenient. First of all, all of the technology he brought over from Earth has an amazing charge and somehow he manages to make a charger for it that works? Then there was his fast acceptance of living in a new place and overall lack of anger at his circumstance. I know that if I were Jim and I were kidnapped from my parents and home, I’d be pretty ornery for a very long time.

For a premise that has a good base idea and a story that I do want to read again, I am giving The Summoned King 3/5 stars for a story that at least kept me interested in what the final outcome would be. Thank you to Dave Neuendorf for writing a novel that can appeal to a Christian audience. Due to some more troublesome scenes I would suggest parents restrict this to teens ages 16 and up. My suggestion for future books would be to slow down the pace and make it a bit more believable. Jim needs to fail more, rather than he be this character where everything comes easily. I will read the 2nd book in the series and commend the author for this fresh idea.

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2 thoughts on “Kidnapped King

  1. Kelley,

    Thanks for the review. I’m not going to complain about your rating; even my wife doesn’t think this is a five-star book :>) But I do want to point out that Jim’s building a battery to charge his devices is not that far-fetched. He had access to sheets of dissimilar metals, and acidic electrolyte in the form of tart fruit juice, plus a table of electrochemical potentials on his Kindle. That’s not outrageous, either, since someone like Jim would have a Kindle copy of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (even though it costs $180! – probably a gift from his parents or grandparents). I think any honors high school student who’s taken a second level chemistry class could do this. Just be glad that I didn’t have him do what I do: carry a high-capacity solar charger in his backpack! I didn’t think the readers would believe that one, though I really hoped everybody would believe he might carry a roll of toilet paper :>)

    Anyway, I commend you for the free public service that you provide by doing these reviews. I rely heavily on reviews for selecting my own books to read.

    Dave Neuendorf

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