The Ugly Stepsister (Cinderella Re-imagined)

TLDR: Regular girl gets sucked into the Cinderella story after destroying the book. Must make happily ever happen or be stuck inside forever!

I finished this all in one day and enjoyed every second of it! What a new and refreshing retelling of Cinderella! The Ugly Stepsister, part of the Unfinished Fairy Tales trilogy, written by Aya Ling, is the story of Kat, a girl that one day destroys a book up in her attic and as punishment is transported in to the fairy tale world of Cinderella. In order to get back home to her family she must finish the story right up to its happy conclusion.

If you’re looking for the stock and standard Cinderella story, this is not the book for you. Honestly I find this portrayal of the Cinderella story one of my favorites because Kat is a strong and independent woman who turns the Kingdom of Athelia upside down. Her beauty is not extraordinary on the outside, but in terms of character she shines like the brightest diamond. Rather than sit back and revel in her position as the stepsister that can order Cinderella around, she tries to make a difference through her kindness and compassion.

This is a clean book for all ages to read. I would say that teens in high school and above can safely read this book. It is a clean story and only features a few curse words early on in the story. If you enjoy a fairy tale retelling, you MUST read this one. The only thing I did not like about this book was the ending. It really stunk! If you can ignore the ending, this was absolutely fantastic. As such I am giving it 5/5 glass slippers and waiting impatiently for the next book in the series!

To purchase this book from Amazon, please click here.

To purchase the Novella from Amazon (to be read after The Ugly Stepsister) please click here.


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