Glimmer is AMAZING

TLDR: One word sums up this entire book: W-O-W!

To say I loved Glimmer, book one in the Black Swim Files, would be an understatement. Author Tricia Cerrone delivered a masterpiece in her first release of the Black Swan Files series. Glimmer is about Jocelyn Albrecht, a black swan, that is, an unexpected phenomena that redefines how the world thinks about science, technology, or even history. What makes Jocelyn so special? It could be her vivid eyes, her super speed, fast healing capabilities, or maybe even the fact that through biotechnology, she has become an advanced human, an H+. Even one of these capabilities would be enough for her to be a scientific marvel, with all of them together, it could make some people, and governments desperate enough to kill to keep the secret.

Jocelyn has grown up in Camp Holliwell, raised by her government-funded ‘uncle’ when Jocelyn finds out that her siblings are alive and everything she has believed is a lie, she will do anything she must to escape and be reunited with the family she thought long dead. If you enjoy sci-fi novels with a strong heroine and a deep and inviting plot progression, this is the book for you. For fantastic writing and a plot that kept drawing me in, to the chagrin of my body the next morning, I am giving Glimmer 5/5 stars. Great work to Tricia Cerrone! I hope we will receive the next book soon!

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

To purchase this book from Amazon, please click here.


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