The King’s Traitor

TLDR: Will Owen save the world, or plunge it in to chaos?

In King’s Traitor, the 3rd book in the Kingfountain series, Jeff Wheeler pulls off a stunning conclusion. The best news to come out of the conclusion of this original trilogy is that we will get to see the characters we love again, this time through the eyes of their children! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my trips in to this delightful kingdom.

What Jeff Wheeler has done so well in all of his stories is weave a flawed main character that is ultimately redeemed by a rich and loyal surrounding cast. For Owen he has his first love, Elysabeth Victoria Mortimer Llewellyn one of my favorite characters from the first two books for her sheer lust for life. Alas in this book she was reduced to a few chapters, but still the role she did play was important to Owen’s growth. To Etayne, best friend, confidant, king’s poisoner, and woman madly in love with Owen, despite knowing he sees her only as a friend. Lastly, Duchess Sinia, a near new role to the series, plays an interesting, if somewhat confusing role that I look forward to seeing more of in future returns to the Kingfountain realms.

Owen has long been beholden to his liege, King Severn, committing various foul acts while in his service. When the time finally comes for Owen to shake off the shackles binding him to King Severn, the world as he knows it will change. Will Owen be able to save Ceredigion from destruction and help the rightful king ascend? Or will his actions come too late? This has a lot of parallelisms to tales telling of King Arthur’s return that permeated this book by way of the Dreadful Deadman who is to rule the kingdom by drawing a sword out of a fountain a la Lady in the Lake and King Arthur.

If you have enjoyed the first two books in this series, you will love book 3. Additionally if you read any of the other Jeff Wheeler Muirwood books, you will find Kingfountain a worthy successor. The great thing about Wheeler’s books are they are written for younger audiences as well, I would say these books are safe for anyone in 7-8th grade and above. My only complaint was that at times I felt that some of the explanations were too easily achieved and no explanation given for the swift jump. I am all for happy endings, but I wanted to know a little more about Sinia and other major characters in this story that explained the abilities they were given. Otherwise, I did enjoy the King’s Traitor and suggest everyone purchase it when it releases on September 6th!

I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review.

To purchase this book from Amazon when it releases on September 6th, please click here.


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