Fervent by Priscilla Shirer is simply amazing. I first purchased this book a few months ago as a paperback after watching War Room. I was so impacted by what Shirer wrote, her call to prayer that I suggested the book to my book club and I am happy to say we are currently in the process of reading this book.

It is in a way, sad that books like Fervent are necessary, because we as Christians should have more of a desire to pray and spend time with our Creator, but as Fervent shows, the enemy is crafty. The enemy desires to take all that we are and can become because he is just not satisfied with ruining his own soul. He has to ruin our souls as well in his quest for power. Shirer breaks down 10 strategies that the devil uses to attempt to steal our fervent joy for prayer. These strategies range from passion and focus to identity, family, your past, fears, pressures, hurts, purity, and relationships. All of these areas in our life (and others) are ways that the devil seeks to wear us down and destroy us. To crumble our faith and trust in Jesus.

So how do we overcome? How do we fight an enemy that has been around longer than even the Earth has been? We turn to Fervent prayer, and we begin to P-R-A-Y. Shirer shares a brilliant acronym for us to use when praying:

P – Praise: Give gratitude to God for who He is and what He has done in your life.

R – Repentance: Repent of areas you’ve not completely trusted God in. Open your eyes to the blessings waiting to be yours if only you trust in Him.

A – Asking: Make your requests known to your heavenly Father. Write down details where you need help and specific ways you feel the enemy is trying to steal your joy.

Y – Yes: Claim God’s promises in your life. Search scripture and find the promises He has made and rest content in the knowledge that you serve a God who loves you and wants the best for you.

This book has wrought an incredible transformation in my own life. Can I say that I am a perfect prayer warrior? Not yet, but I am a step closer. I want to have a life that is different, to begin a life where I pray and believe God’s promises. No more weak-kneed prayers where I doubt God’s ability to bless. God is good, God is able, and God transforms. Like Shirer says at the beginning, this means war. We cannot avoid this war, war is upon us, will we choose to be Theoden or Aragorn? Will we choose to ignore reality or will we fight courageously and claim our spots as God’s children, loved and adored beyond all measure?

For a transformative guide on how to pray, I am giving Fervent 5/5 stars. My only wish is that this book had been written for more than just females. I feel Fervent applies to both male and female audiences. If you choose to read this book, I suggest taking a chapter a week. Do NOT rush. Give yourself time to journal and think about what you’ve read. Explore the Bible and appreciate all of the promises God has made and kept.

I highly suggest purchasing the physical copy of this book, because you will want to highlight passages and write your thoughts, something an electronic copy of the book does not always lend itself to. I used the electronic version more as a resource when I wanted to have multiple passages open at once for comparison. Also, purchase a journal for your prayers and thoughts while going through this book. Remember we’re not in a race to the finish, we’re here to transform our lives and that takes time and fervent intent.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with this electronic copy of Fervent. I look forward to reading and re-reading this book for many years to come.

To purchase this book from Amazon, please click here.


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