Cursed Negligence

So, have you ever wondered what ISIS in space would be like? Look no further than the Angel in the Whirlwind series. This is book 3 in a four book series and I can tell you, each installment has captured my attention. The main characters in Cursed Command is again Kat Falcone, but this time, we are joined by William McElny newly promoted Captain of the HMS Uncanny, commonly known to all around as the Unlucky. Prior COs have been killed and the ship is in disrepair.

I felt genuinely bad for McElny as I read this book. After all, he’s a man who has served the Commonwealth for many years, but because of a bias in the Commonwealth for those born outside of Tyre, he was never going to be given a fair shake at a ship. Being assigned the Uncanny (Unlucky) was really the ultimate slap in the face for a career man. I believe that the author, Christopher Nuttall, does such a good job describing the bias against outsiders and the issues that will arise should society fair to give them an equal seat at the table. Ultimately, many of the action-packed elements in this book are a direct result of the Commonwealth not giving all of its members an equal chance. I could continue to wax eloquently on this, but that would probably be too spoiler packed and there are a few other things I want to mention.

The Theocracy, aka space ISIS, has continued their aggressive expansion, even in the face of their defeat. The Jorlem sector is their newest target. Of course Kat Falcone and the HMS Lightning along with the HMS Uncanny are sent to deter any more planets from joining the Theocracy. Will they be able to staunch the tide, or will more planets join the Theocracy because they have no hope for better treatment within the Commonwealth due to outsider bias?

If you enjoy sci-fi, you will love this series. I cannot recommend it enough. Even better, if you’re part of Kindle Unlimited you can read all of the books thus far for free. I am giving this book 5/5 stars for great characters and a story that is different enough from real life that it does not hit as close to home.


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