I LOVE LOVE LOVE Beauty and the Beast. Pretty much any time you find me a story about Beauty and the Beast you can GUARANTEE I will read it, because I JUST LOVE the story. I am sitting writing this on the weekend the new movie has come out and I am already impatiently waiting to go see it with some friends. So now, back from that segue, I can say that Ensnared by Rita Stradling is a good book, but not great. I was given a copy to read from the publisher through NetGalley and I am hoping with some of the feedback we give now that the final version will be a much more polished version for readers.

So, now on to a brief overview of what this book is about. The story centers around Alainn and Lorccan, two individuals that for their whole life have lived in a prison. Alainn is the dutiful daughter with an absentminded father and brother. She’s had to grow up far too soon, always trying to make sure that bills are paid and her father does not get hauled off to prison for failing to meet his contractural obligations. Both her father and brother have the continual head in the clouds syndrome, always dreaming of what could be and never quite placing their feet on solid ground to consider the consequences of what they are doing. Lorccan meanwhile is a man who has spent his whole life in a tower surrounded by machines. Alainn’s father is his favorite inventor, because his AI robots are the most realistic. He has commissioned a robot that is nearly human and Alainn’s father delivers. Unfortunately, the robot he creates, Rose, is so human she cannot contemplate a life living among Lorccan’s machines. In order to save her father from prison, Alainn decides to go in Roses’ place (after a helpful blackmail from Rose).

As time goes by, Alainn and Lorccan begin to fall for one another. He suspecting she is a robot, still develops feelings for her. Meanwhile, she struggles with her feelings towards him, and the mystery of why he hides himself in the house. I would say even after reading the entire book, I still never understood why he would stay in the house for his whole life. There was never a reason fully given for that and I hope that is another thread the author will develop further before releasing the book in December. Bottom line, if you like Beauty and the Beast, you will like Ensnared. While I am only giving the book 3/5 stars at this time, I hope that as the author continues to refine the plot, the end result will be a 5/5 stars.

I received this book for free from the publisher through NetGalley. Any views in this review are my own.


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