A Cipher Worth Decoding

Ciphers of Muirwood was a book I never should have started reading late in the evening. A few pages became the entire book. Of course, once I got to a certain point it the story I could not stop reading, I had to know the outcome. In Ciphers we see the continuation of Maia’s story. Maia has spent the better part of the last few years of her life as an outcast, a wretched. Her father cast her out, treated poorly by her stepmother, forbidden to see her mother, and perhaps worse of all cursed to be a hetaera for the rest of her life, all for a decision that she made before she knew any better. If anyone has cause to be bitter, you would think it would be Maia, but that is not the case. Maia is kind, compassionate, and truly a good person. In Ciphers we finally get to see Maia surrounded by girls her own age, learning how to serve the Medium even as the situation around her grows ever the more dire.

I really enjoyed Ciphers of Muirwood, it was a great continuation to the Covenant of Muirwood saga and sets the stage well for book 3. I fall a little more in love with Collier/Gideon with every page I read. I can only hope that for Maia and Collier there can be a happy ending. If you are looking for a well written book with a great story, look no further than Ciphers of Muirwood. The author does a great job of taking fantasy and using it to teach his readers in an allegorical sense similar to Narnia. I am giving this book 5/5 stars for an amazing story that I just could not place down.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.


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